8/3 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Pastor Mitch Lee of Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church was ordained by the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church of North America in a ceremony at the conference's annual meeting on July 28 at the conference grounds in Milwaukie.

His wife, Amber, and children, Isaac, Adri, Aria and Anouk, stood with him as he -- dressed in a tie! -- received his ordination papers at the Thursday night service.

Several local families attended, including Daniel and Heidi Russell, Tim and Diana Barnhart, James and Jennifer Mellein, Pam Burbank and Debbie Baldwin.


Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church had a great week of Vacation Bible School July 18-22.

Much thanks to Amber Lee for all of her hard work planning lessons and games and organizing all the logistics. Thanks also to the volunteers, snack providers and parents who helped make the week a success. A special thanks to Brenda LaVoie, Pam Burbank and Mitch Lee for their work.

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