New program offered to WOU medical students

MONMOUTH -- Starting in September, Western Oregon University medical program students will get a one-of-a-kind opportunity.Through a partnership with Rosetta Stone and, students in the Oregon Health and Science University School of Nursing at Western will be offered self-paced medical terminology interpreting classes.These classes are designed to prepare students for Oregon state requirements that all medical interpreters are certified and trained.The program will first be offered in English-Spanish classes, with other languages coming as needed.Featuring major diseases, medical terminology and diagnostics, the classes will supplement WOU's health care interpreting program requirements -- the only university-level program in the state.More than 50 students have completed Western's health care interpreting program since its inception more than a year ago."There is a big need for interpreter training in Oregon and it is a real struggle to provide language-specific terminology classes for speakers of less common languages," Professional Program Manager Brian Sly-Haley said.

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